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Ease of Use

There are brand new Windows PCs that function as both laptops and tablets. You can use touch, your mouse or the keyboard – whatever’s easier. And you can use the accessories you want because Windows is compatible with nearly all of them. Plus, you can search your PC, the web, the cloud and apps at the same time with Bing Smart Search.

Get busy

Today’s businesses need versatile, productive, and portable solutions. Windows are built with productivity in mind. Run Office and loads of other apps that help you accomplish more and manage your busy life. You get touch-optimized versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote—right out of the box

All the apps

Whether it’s full-featured Office apps, desktop systems, websites, business application or Windows Store apps, you’ll be able to manage workflows better, increase operational efficiencies, and improve decision making. Install the desktop programs you need and explore touch-enabled apps in the Windows Store

Make it personal

Windows tabs have up-to-date designs, more storage capacity, and more apps in the the Windows Store. These devices do more—at home, work, and on the go.

Always connected

Get work done whether you’re sitting in garden, at picnic or watching your son’s cricket match. Access to your music, movies, photos, documents, settings, Windows apps, even browsing history, across your devices, with 1 TB of free storage on OneDrive.

The fun of it

Side-by-side to multi-task on the HD screen. Watch movies, play games, or download apps, while you Skype, type, or work. Bring your vision to reality with powerful applications for music, photography, video production, and art design.

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