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What's new in Windows 8.1 ?
Start Button: Windows 8 replaced the traditional Start menu with the Start screen and removed the Start buttonfrom the Desktop. Windows 8.1 adds the Start button back to the Desktop. Clicking the Start button on the Desktop will launch the Start screen, which you'll use to open programs and search for files.

Boot to Desktop: Rather than launching the Start screen when you turn on your device, Windows 8.1 now gives you the option to boot directly to the Desktop, much like older versions of Windows. This is especially helpful if you're not interested in using the Start screen very often.

nap Start Screen Apps: Windows 8 introduced full-screen apps for the Start screen, but it did not allow you to view more than two apps at once. Windows 8.1 allows you to view several different Start screen apps and snap them to different parts of the screen. Traditional desktop apps still work the way they did in earlier versions of Windows: They'll appear in individual windows that you can move and re-size.

Will WinTAB work on Windows 10?
Yes it will, and there will be a free upgrade for all users!

Where is the Start button?
In Windows, the Start menu has been replaced with the Start screen. However, In Windows 8.1 there is a Start button. You can use the Start button to switch between the Windows 8 Start screen and the desktop, move the mouse to the lower left corner until the Start button displays, and then click it.
I want to talk to WinTAB tech support team what should I do?
Please call our customer care number at 1800-209-2015 / +91-020-65119994 for further assistance
How do I Customize my Start screen?
You can customize and organize your Start screen to meet your needs and preferences. The list below shows some of the ways to do this:
• Add a tile for almost anything: Windows 8 apps, desktop apps, Web pages, people, and file folders are a few examples.
• Add new groups of tiles for similar or frequently used apps, change the order of the groups, and name your groups.
• Change the size of the tiles and set them to display updated information about the app.
• Change the Start screen background and color.
How do I Sign in to Windows?
To close the Lock screen and sign in to the computer, use one of the following methods:
• Tap the space bar
• Spin the mouse wheel
• On a touch screen, swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen
• On the sign-in screen, type your password. Then click the arrow to open Windows.
What are some productivity apps for windows 8?

Skype Wi-Fi:

For those road warriors out there, being connected is critical. Our tablet devices allow us to never be far from the next email, and most travelers have gotten pretty good at reviewing that 48-page document on a 4" screen. However, Skype Wi-Fi provides a solution where, for a little bit in Skype "credit", we can access millions of hotspots around the world from the full size comfort of our full size laptops / tablets without the need for tethering and using expensive cellular data plans.

Office 365:

For many business users, Microsoft Office has become one of the critical business tools used for every day operations. Office 365 continues that trend with an update to one of its most popular products after Windows. Office 365 takes a familiar interface and integrates OneDrive for portability between devices, and unlike Google Docs, the ability to go completely offline. Office 365, however, does not take full advantage of the updated 8.1 interfaces, choosing to use the "desktop" mode instead. After all, in an application suite that relies on a mouse and keyboard, the touch screen option isn't really the best choice.

PDF Touch &Drawboard PDF (Paid):

One of the most popular forms of exchanging large documents in the business world is still the PDF format. The PDF format preserves formatting and images allowing the provider to ensure a consistent experience. However, as recipients we often had to keep notes in a separate document or even, gasp -- print the document to make notes on it! PDF Touch and Drawboard PDF allow the document to be marked-up keeping your thoughts with the original document. PDF Touch is a down to earth markup application while Drawboard PDF is a bit more extensive in the features offered for a slightly higher price.

YouSendIt (Free):

Transferring large files has become a lot easier with the introduction of Google Drive and Dropbox. While those services are valuable, they are lacking in several key features such as extended security and most important, tracking features. With YouSendIt, you can get status on when the recipient received the link and when they downloaded the file. Think of YouSendIt as the electronic version of certified mail. In addition, YouSendIt has secure delivery, data encryption and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Rainbow Drive (Free):

With so many cloud storage options available, the likelihood that you will only use one is getting more remote. Even if you use a single provider, you might have several accounts with that same provider. Switching between accounts has never been as smooth as we would like, however Rainbow Drive allows you to have access to your cloud drives without that troublesome task. Rainbow Drive is simple to setup and supports all Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox and BaiduYun for free, with categorization and link sharing features.

Where do I download more apps from?
A world of apps in the Windows Store

Apps make using your PC easier by opening up new ways for you to get things done and have some fun. Windows 8.1 come with built-in apps that help you socialize, stay in touch, share and view documents, organize photos, listen to music, and watch movies, but you can find even more apps in the Windows Store.
Note: You need to have Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 to see and install apps from the Windows Store. If you don't haveWindows 8.1, you can check out some of the popular apps available in the Store.
The Windows Store is where you'll download new apps for your Cain. Most apps are designed to run from the Start screen. You'll need to sign in with your Windows account to use Windows Store. Locate Store on the Start Screen,Sign in (if not done already). Browse categories by locating and selecting the category heading above each category. Click an app to see the app information page. Click Install to download an app.

What is a Microsoft account?
A Microsoft account is an email address and password that you can use to sign in to your WinTAB. When you sign in with a Microsoft account, your WinTAB is connected to the cloud, and the settings, preferences, and apps associated with your account "follow" you to any other Windows 8 or later PC. A Microsoft account makes it easy to purchase apps, music, videos, and games for your WinTAB. Another benefit of using a Microsoft account to sign in is that if you ever forget your password, you can reset it online.
Why do I need a Microsoft account for using my WinTAB?
Microsoft Windows 8.1 is an advanced operating system that uses many online features to offer you the best user experience. The services of Microsoft include:
• Registration and download components of Microsoft Office 365
• Talking, chatting and video conferencing with Skype
• OneDrive cloud storage of your personal data
• Password recovery if you have forgotten your password
• Download applications from the integrated Windows Store

Note: you can use your own personal email address to create a Microsoft account. You do NOT have to register for an outlook.com account of other Microsoft based email address,
Why Should I buy WinTAB& not any other tablet?
WinTAB comes in various configuration & sizes. Find the one that suits your needs the best.
What about warranty & support?

WINTAB one year replacement warranty policy

Sakri congratulates and thanks you for showing confidence in our products and becoming our valued customer. Sakri warrants that the product at the time of its original purchase is free of defects in materials and workmanship. Please call our customer care number at 1800-209-2015 / +91-020-65119994 for further assistance. For more information about warranty and support on WinTAB, visit our Warranty page

Why Windows?

Ease of Use

There are brand new Windows PCs that function as both laptops and tablets. You can use touch, your mouse or the keyboard – whatever's easier. And you can use the accessories you want because Windows is compatible with nearly all of them. Plus, you can search your PC, the web, the cloud and apps at the same time with Bing Smart Search.

Get busy

Today's businesses need versatile, productive, and portable solutions. Windows are built with productivity in mind. Run Office and loads of other apps that help you accomplish more and manage your busy life. You get touch-optimized versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote—right out of the box

All the apps

Whether it's full-featured Office apps, desktop systems, websites, business application or Windows Store apps, you'll be able to manage workflows better, increase operational efficiencies, and improve decision making. Install the desktop programs you need and explore touch-enabled apps in the Windows Store

Make it personal

Windows tabs have up-to-date designs, more storage capacity, and more apps in the Windows Store. These devices do more—at home, work, and on the go.

Always connected

Get work done whether you're sitting in garden, at picnic or watching your son's cricket match. Access to your music, movies, photos, documents, settings, Windows apps, even browsing history, across your devices, with 1 TB of free storage on OneDrive.

The fun of it

Side-by-side to multi-task on the HD screen. Watch movies, play games, or download apps, while you Skype, type, or work. Bring your vision to reality with powerful applications for music, photography, video production, and art design.

Does WinTAB support dongle?
WinTAB 10 supports 3G dongles via Micro USB, and can also be used as a laptop with detachable keyboard. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. The tab comes with a 2MP front along with 2MP rear camera and backed by a 7500 mAh battery.
How do I extend the memory?
WinTAB has a micro SD card reader, so on device you can use up-to 32GB micro SD cards. You can also plug in your USB thumbdrive to access it like another drive.
Why can't I see Microsoft office icons?
Once Activated, Office icons will be listed in the app list which you can access by swapping from the bottom to upwards. You can pin the particular icons to the start screen too.